Hi candles!

Okay so, it’s… TIME!!! \°D°/ omg omg omg omg I’m going to San Francisco and I will meet my beloved in real omg i’m so excited!!! zcuihviheritu *rolls on the ground*

But then, If you want to show me things or tell me things or I don’t know what else, I will not be here for read or see it :/ So don’t hesitate to send me message or tell me there is something for me :)

Now, I leave my home, I’m going to Cécile’s home and tomorrow… airport… Omg i’m so scared and excited in the same time !!! We will post many many many photos >w< I love you pretty sparkles ! *hugs everybody*

Anonyme: *clings tightly and kisses all over your pretty, pale cheeks of heaven and softness* <3 Wuv you, Poppium<3

pffft ssh shh X3

Anonyme: Us sparkles aren't as beautiful as you! <3

pffft lie !! you are all beautiful

sam-the-mun-and-cosmic-pony: I'm going to eat the marshmallow baby (that's you)

°^° wooow !…

Anonyme: Hello! I just wanted to tell you that you're a very nice person that deserves nothing but the best in life. I hope you have a good day!

Ooowwww thank you little sparkles, you are so kind :) I have beautiful sparkles here >w<

My mother washed my Borderlands t-shirt and the colors left… Now Salvador is becoming white D:

balyvhern: Hello ! N'oublie pas ton visa Esta pour aller aux US :)

C’est fait, c’est fait ! :) depuis au moins 1 mois ! °w°

Anonyme: Aww you and moofrog are so cute. It always made me smile to see how happy you both are.

Ooowww thank you little sparkle ! :3 You too kind <3 

I can&#8217;t wait to kiss my beloved &lt;3

I can’t wait to kiss my beloved <3


Et si… malheureusement… ça ne nous lâchera jamais… Moi j’dis, si ils s’en plaignent c’est qu’ils ont un truc à se reprocher hehe ;)

Well… not ALL straight people hate. Some are understanding and don’t judge. I’m straight and I’m all about equality and compassion for everyone.

I know but i’m talking about the majority

Anonyme: *Decorates a marshmellow like Zer0, adding pink M&M's to make it seem like glowing and long sticks for arms/legs, holding a stick sword. Before silently perching it on your desk* =)


People like that are arseholes and will one day perish * hugs * try think positive beautiful flame

Thank you :) I’m trying. *sigh* Why straight people hate others ?…

I just started to remember that. The other day, at school, I was going to the next classroom and for this I had to pass in a looong corridor where there was a crowd of young people. And then I hear “EH ! FAG !” “OOH !! FAG !!” “EH ! FAG !!”. A tall young guy was calling… someone ? He stopped until I was too far.